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8 steps to buy Office after RERA

8 steps to buy Office after RERA

Determine Borrowing Power:

One should keep highest possible deposit before finalizing a property to get an additional discount on the payment of borrowing anything.

  1. Research The Market: It’s Important to check for the future aspects of a property. Many factors influence a property’s potential price. Although the location is the most important factor to consider.
  2. Inspect a property: It is very important for a Buyer to ensure whether the realtor is providing you with the right and authentic documents i.e. proper water supply, ceiling, infrastructure, switches, wall damp, etc. Also, ensure certain things like there should not be any large trees as this can cause structural problems.
  3. Clarify Inclusions: It is important to clarify for the Buyer, what needs to be included or excluded. A Buyer before buying any property should always clarify the amenities like parking, club, power backup maintenance charges/monthly outgoing cost.
  4. Deciding on Your Offer: Evaluate the current scenario in the market, and know the recent pricing. You may also consult an independent professional valuer. Be sure that you invest right.
  5. Making an Offer: When you make the offer, do it in writing. This will avoid the confusions of verbal negotiations and this shows the realtor that you are serious.
  6. Conveyancing:  The legal transfer of a property’s title from the Seller to the Buyer is known as Conveyancing.  For the contract of sale, it is important that Buyers check whom they want to use for conveyancing.
  7. Settlement: Buyers should arrange a pre-settlement inspection with the realtor to confirm that everything is per the contract conditions. Pre-settlement inspections should be conducted after the place has been vacated by the previous party using that space.

Your pursuit of buying a property is now complete – enjoy!

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